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Everybody has at least a friends to share hapiness and sadness in the life. Thanksgiving is the occasion for people to have a thankful day for him or her with funny poems below:

Best Funny Thanksgiving Poems For Friends
My Friend, My Thanksgiving Blessing~ There's days I feel so many blessings There's days I feel there's few But each day, I'm glad for one so special - I thank our God for you You''re always far, but nearer yet we cannot be And for that, I cannot ask But you're my friend for always, yes, and that is no small task You think of me, when it is hushed Or when a day is toilsome, rushed you think of me at dawn's bright glow You pray for me at dusk And so today I thank you so dear friend, for the love that you convey I thank My God for blessing me With you, in every way

Top Funny Thanksgiving Poems For Friends
Thanksgiving Angel ~ If you are feeling just a little lonely on this Thanksgiving day, Then I pray an angel of blessing will bring all my hugs your way. May heaven shower into your soul, soft gifts from God above Sprinkling from His tender grace, bouquets of gentle love. I pray on Thanksgiving day, your heart will be touched Beyond belief With a secret joy

Free Funny Thanksgiving Poems For Friends
Happy Thanksgiving To My Friend ~Happy Thanksgiving thoughts, with all my love I send, May Thanksgiving joy uplift you now, as our thanks to God ascend- In gratitude to our Father God, for all that He has done From my home to yours, I send Thanksgiving hugs. I pray a beautiful time of joy for you, with each beloved friend, As God's windows of heaven open, and His love for you descends. I have a prayer of gladness too how together we shall be- As everlasting sisters, today, for aye In His dear Family.

Your friends is so suprised if you give her/him a Thanksgiving card including a meaning poems above.
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