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Grandparents are the old generation who we must admire and help. On Thanksgiving day 2013, I recommend to you some poems about Thanksgiving for grandparents:

Best Happy Thanksgiving Poems For Grandparents
The writer think that it is lucky for people have grandparents as fun and grand as you

Meaning Happy Thanksgiving Poems For Grandparents
This poems said that grandparents is a gift from the God's blessing with love and tenderness.

Free Happy Thanksgiving Poems For Grandparents
I like the taste of turkey any time throughout the year but it never seems to taste as good as when Thanksgiving’s here. Could be it’s all the trimmings that are cooked with it to eat- but i think it’s eating at grandma’s house that makes it such a treat!

With some ideas above I hope you and your grandparents will be happy and closed anymore on Thanksgiving day 2013.
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