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Thanksgiving day is time for evebody to gratitude the God's blessing by many ways such as making a card, reading the poems and using prayers and quotes to share with friends on facebook, mysapce,... These quotes below to honor the father in heaven whom people very admire:

Best Thanksgiving Day Prayers and Quotes
This poems refer to God's blessing on Thanksgiving and pray for someone who struggle with hunger and want.

Top Thanksgiving Day Prayers and Quotes
Oswald chambers who is evangelist and teacher said that "we hace to pray with our eyes on god, not on the difficulties" on Thanksgiving day 2013

Meaning Thanksgiving Day Prayers and Quotes
This short quotes of Raplh Waldo Emerson pray that for health and food, for love and friends,for everything - father in heaven, we thanks Thee

We hope that you will have a warrm and happy holiday on Thanksgiving day 2013.
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