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These poems below give children smile slightly and little knowledge about Thanksgiving day of their traditional country:

Famous Funny Thanksgiving Poems For Children
When all the leaves are off the boughs, And nuts and apples gathered in, And cornstalks waiting for the cows, And pumpkins safe in barn and bin, Then Mother says, "My children dear, The fields are brown, and autumn flies; Thanksgiving Day is very near, And we must make Thanksgiving pies!"

Best Funny Thanksgiving Poems For Children
Thank you for this feast we will have it in the east there is much food to eat we will have some meat It is a family reuion with some people from a union we will have some toast on this Thanksgiving feast

Top Funny Thanksgiving Poems For Children
Turkey, Turkey look at you Please be careful what you do. Thanksgiving day is almost here. We eat turkey every year. Go and hide out in the woods. We'll eat pizza like we should.

We hope that children will be happy if you bring them these poems on Thanksgiving day 2013. Happy Thanksgiving day 2013.
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