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Those pictures below are poems containing the image of turkey about Thanksgiving for kids to learn or have overall view about the Big day in their life. it can infulence on themself character in the future:

Free Funny Thanksgiving Poems For Kids
Turkey tobs: you invited me to dinner, where I was the main dish! You scared me so badly, I had to run and hide. so here;s my little girt to you.and I still have my pride.

Best Funny Thanksgiving Poems For Kids
"I say "gobble, gobble" and you'll see me on Thanksgiving! What am I? " So funny a poems about Turkey which is a characteristic symbol of Thanksgiving day 2013.

Top Funny Thanksgiving Poems For Kids
Turkey, turkey, look at you. please be carefull what you do. Thanksgiving day is almosst here. We eat turkey every year.GO, hide out in the woods.We'll eat pizza,as we should?

Thanksgiving is the day children can be showed their knowledge about it and attitude to God blessing, to grandparents, parents...
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