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Children is the most important generation of society. And they are very excited on Christmas. Giving them funny and educational Christmas poems about the life is the good ways for parents:

Funny Christmas Poems For Kids

This is a poems of a enthusiasm teacher abour her jobs with the children. Children shoul read and understand it carefully!

Best Funny Christmas Poems For Kids
Dear santa claus, I'll let you know the few things that i need, and if you'll bring them to me I'll be much obliged indeed. I want a horse and wagon, and a boat that's painted red, an elephant, a jumping-jack— you need not bring a sled, for I have one very pretty; but I want a trotting-horse, a man who wheels a wheel-barrow, and candy, too, of course. Now, santa dear, you'll not forget. I wish you'd write them down, and leave them all at my house when you journey through the town.

Top Funny Christmas Poems For Kids
It is the poems explain the reason why the bells of Christmas ring?. It explain by funny words and it is easy to understand for kids.

If you have time, let's read these poems with your children to raise your relationship and atmosphere in the family. Merry Christmas 2013
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