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Military service or Veterans are the people sacrified for the peace of country so giving them thanksful poems with some ideas below on Thanksgiving day.

Meaning Military Family Thanksgiving Poem
I know we are at war, but i hear change is in sight instead of family and friends for Thanksgiving you will chow with your comrades tonight one to your left, the other to your right. Your regiment, your battalion, have now become family and friends living day to day in a personal sacrifice on a mission to defend. You are the hero's who's faces we may never get to see but the pride and glory that's lives in a soldier heart biers one word "integrity" on this day we give thanks and honor to those brave and true our banners, we will proudly wave the red, white, and blue we will give our thanks not only to our god but also to every soldier for our bounties, that be. For they give meaning to words home of the brave land of the free. To the soldiers in the mess hall eating their Thanksgiving feast, to the troops in the desert eating another meal ready to eat. May peace, hope and strength travel with you along the way and may these wishes find you on a soldiers Thanksgiving day.

Best Military Family Thanksgiving Poem
A military Thanksgiving we offer gratitude this day for blessings multiplied, for family, fellowship and friends who remain by our side through many separations, and distances so vast that lesser love would be subdued. It's doubtful it would last. We share these bonds of feeling that stretch between our souls when distance separates us as we pursue our goals. But you have favored us with friends, and families that clutch us close although we wander around the globe so much. So lord this day we offer thanks, and bow our heads in prayer. We recognize that you're the source of all the love we share. Beatrice Dahlen

Free Military Family Thanksgiving Poem
This poem defined that soliders who are not reporter who has given us freedom of the press.

They are proud of themself and more patriotic as well as happiness on warm Thanksgiving day. Happy Thanksgiving Day 2013!
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