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Best Way For You To Show Your Thinking About Your Friends, Members Of Family Or Someone You Know Is The Text Message. These Are Some Text Messages For You To Share On Happy New Year 2015:
Best Happy New Year 2015 Funny Text Messages
Who Doesn't Love Humour And Laughter Around Them? That Oddball In Your Life Who Makes You Smile Without Any Reason, With The Quirkiest Things To Say, That Funny Bone Tingling.

Free Happy New Year 2015 Funny Text Messages
Making Resolutions Is A Cleansing Ritual Of Self-Assessment And Repentance That Demands Personal Honesty And, Ultimately, Reinforces Humility. Breaking Them Is Part Of The Cycle. - Eric Zorn

Best Funny Happy New Year Funny Text Messages
New Year's Is A Harmless Annual Institution, Of No Particular Use To Anybody Save As A Scapegoat For Promiscuous Drunks, And Friendly Calls And Humbug Resolutions. -Mark Twain

The Best Thing In The Life That Is The Good Relationship Between Person And Person. You Should Keep It Warm And Closed On Happy New Year 2015 Holiday.
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