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Here Are Some Earth Day Trivia Questions And Answers For You To Refer:

Free Earth Day Trivia Questions And Answers

How Much Of Our Air Pollution Comes From Motor Vehicles?

1. 20%
2. 40%
3. 50%.

The Average U.S Citizen Produces How Much Waste Each Day?

1. 3.5 Pounds
2. 4.4 Pounds
3. 6.1 Pounds

How Many Gallons Of Water Are Wasted Each Day From The Average Toilet Leak?

1. 300 Gallons
2. 400 Gallons
3. 500 Gallons
4. 600 Gallons

What Kind Of Alternative-Fueled Car Has Been Around The Longest?

1. Gas-Powered
2. Hybrid Electric
3. Plug-In Hybrids.

Free Earth Day Trivia Questions And Answers

Between 1950 And 200, The U.S. Population Increased How Much? It Doubled In Size

Cfl Bulbs Use About How Much Less Electricity Than The Average Bulb?75%
Each Day We Lose This Many Animals To Extinction: 50 To 100
Each Year, Plastic Waste In Water And Coastal Areas Kill Up To: Both A And B
Energy-Smart Washers Can Save More Water In 1 Year Than A Person Drinks In: An Entire Lifetime
Every Year, One American Produces How Many Pounds Of Hazardous Waste? Over 3,000
Heat Uses How Much More Energy Than Other Appliances In The Average Home? Twice.

Free Earth Day Trivia Questions And Answers

Which Item Can Be Recycled? Paper 
Which Of The Following Does Not Actually Save Energy? A Screen Saver On Your PC
Which Percentage Of America’s Lakes Are Too Polluted For Swimming Or Fishing? 46% 
Which Percentage Of The World’s Original Forests Are Now Gone? 80% 
Which Type Of Pan Cooks Faster, Saving Heat? Copper Bottom Pans 
You Can Best Use Less Light If You Do This: Turn Off Lights Not In Use.

These Earth Day Trivia Questions And Answers Are Very Helpful For You To Know.
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