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Earth Day, April 22 Every Year Is A Day To Celebrate The Blessings Of Our Planet, And A Day To Commit To Take Personal Responsibility For Our Environment. Here Are Some Ideal Earth Day Lessons, Activities Plan For High School In This Year:

Ideal Earth Day Lesson Plans High School

Layers Of The Rain Forest - Title – Layers Of The Rainforest By – Tricia Badillo Subject – Science, Social Studies Grade Level – K-1 This Lesson Teaches Children The 4 Layers Of The Rainforest. Materials: Poster Board Sponges Or Paintbrushes Or Vegetables! (Using Vegetables To Paint With Really Gets Their Attention!) Brown, Green, White Paint Rainforest Literature Such As “The Great Kapok Tree” Sing The Following Song That Will Familiarize Each Child With The Names Of The Layers Of The Rainforest: Tune: “If You’re Happy And You Know It” There Are Four Layers In The Rainforest. 4 Layers There Are Four Layers In The Rainforest. 4 Layers! Forest Floor, Understory, Canopy, Emergent There Are Four Layers In The Rainforest. 4 Layers!

Ideal Earth Day Lesson Plans High School

Each Student Forms A List Of Changes They Could Make Which Benefit The Environment. These Changes Should Be Quantifiable. Examples Include: Change The Thermostat So That The Heater Runs An Hour Less Each Day In Winter Or An Hour Less Each Day In Summer; Carpool To School; Combine Shopping Trips To Eliminate One Trip Per Week; Replace 6 Incandescent Light Bulbs With Cfl’s; Use Cold Water Instead Of Warm For One Load Of Laundry Per Week; Refill Water Bottles Instead Of Buying New; Turning The Water Off While Brushing; Reducing Shower Time By 2 Minutes Per Day. Quantify The Impact. For Example If The Air Conditioner Runs One Less Hour Per Day, How Much Electricity Does That Save Per Day, Week, And Year. Then Calculate Energy Costs For Their Area To Come Up With The Economic Impact. If A 2.5 Ton Air Conditioner Uses 3.5 Kilowatt Hours If Run 1 Hour Per Day, And Electricity Costs 12 Cents Per Kilowatt Hour, Then The Savings Are 32 Cents Per Day Or 13 Dollars Per Month. In Each Group, Different Students Can Research Different Areas, Energy, Fuel, Personal Consumption, Water, Etc. Have Each Group Calculate The Average Yearly Savings For Each Student In The Group, Then Calculate How Much Money One Year Of Savings Would Grow To By The Time They Are 65 If They Invested It At 5 Percent And 10 Percent Interest. Each Group Should Report Their Findings To The Class.

Ideal Earth Day Lesson Plans High School

Title – Rain Forests – A Song Of Celebration!
By – Mary Flynn
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Secondary Subjects – Science, Music
Grade Level – 1-3
You May Find This Song To Be Helpful In Teaching About The Rain Forest:
Rain Forests
(Sung To: Up On The Housetop)
Guitar/Autoharp Chords Are: “G” “C” “F”

I Know A Place And It’s Not Near,
Animals, Insects And Plants Live Here.
Rain Forests Are So Far Away,
They’re Getting Smaller Every Day.

Trees Cut Down ~ More And More,
Cut For Money, That’s What For!
We Have To Stop This Right Away,
Think Of Tomorrow ~ Not Today!

Repeat Chorus
Trees Cut Down ~ Every Day
Creatures Homes Are Taken Away!
This Is The Thing We Must Avoid.
Having These Creatures’ Homes Destroyed!

I Hope You Will Enjoy The Earth Day With Other Friends By Earth Day Lesson Plans High School.

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