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These Are Some Meaning Father’s Day Greetings Poems For Everyone To Share On This Events:

Free Father’s Day Greetings Poems


"F" Aithful.
"A" Lways There.
"T" Rustworthy.
"H" Onoring.
"E" Ver-Loving.
"R" Ighteous.
"S" Upportive.

Free Father’s Day Greetings Poems

What Makes A Dad

God Took The Strength Of A Mountain,
The Majesty Of A Tree,
The Warmth Of A Summer Sun,
The Calm Of A Quiet Sea,
The Generous Soul Of Nature,
The Comforting Arm Of Night,
The Wisdom Of The Ages,
The Power Of The Eagle’s Flight,
The Joy Of A Morning In Spring,
The Faith Of A Mustard Seed,
The Patience Of Eternity,
The Depth Of A Family Need,
Then God Combined These Qualities,
When There Was Nothing More To Add,
He Knew His Masterpiece Was Complete,
And So, He Called It ... Dad.

Free Father’s Day Greetings Poems

You Never

You Never Said I’m Leaving
You Never Said Goodbye
You Were Gone Before I Knew It,
And Only God Knew Why
A Million Times I Needed You,
A Million Times I Cried
If Love Alone Could Have Saved You,
You Never Would Have Died
In Life I Loved You Dearly
In Death I Love You Still
In My Heart You Hold A Place,
That No One Could Ever Fill
It Broke My Heart To Lose You,
But You Didn’t Go Alone
For Part Of Me Went With You,
The Day God Took You Home.

I Think That With What Father’s Sacrifice, We Should Give Them Some Father’s Day Greetings Poems And The Gifts.

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